Your chapter was declared the winner of the coveted "Chapter of the Year" award at the recently concluded Annual NATP Conference in Phoenix, AZ. This is the third time in the last four years that your Chapter has achieved this distinction. Congratulations to all of you!

In addition to our chapter winning the chapter of the year award, Julia Robinson was named Chapter Person of the Year in Leadership for 2012. Congratulations and our grateful Thanks to Julia for her devotion and exemplary volunteerism!

Your help throughout the year in helping your fellow members and potential new members, regular participation in all Chapter events and Seminars and the important feedback that you provide by word of mouth and in the evaluation forms continue to be the instruments that keeps your Chapter focused on its mission of keeping you current with the best education on tax matters and in advancing your chosen profession and every other aspect of the tax professional business.

Please feel free to call our Chapter President Ms. Marilyn H Ayers (732-477-2281) or any of the other listed Board Members with your suggestions, personal desire to participate even more actively in the chapter activities (either at the Board or the Committee level or even purely as a volunteer for the various events).

Lastly, please log in regularly to stay updated. Stay tuned. Enjoy!